1. Which wallet should I use to purchase NFT?

NFT purchases can only be purchased with a Chrome or Firefox browser's MetaMask wallet.

2. Can I use a hard wallet wallet when I purchase NFT?

Hard wallets are not used for NFT purchases because they may not work well with browsers.
If you want to keep the NFT on a hard wallet, you can purchase it from Meta Mask and send it to the hard wallet's wallet address.

3. How to connect Metamask wallet from mobile phone?

The mobile version of Metamask has unstable access, so it is recommended to use a PC when purchasing NFT.

Step 01 : Install the Metamask mobile version

Step 02 : Press the "Connect to wallet" button at the bottom of the screen

Step 03 : Press the "WalletConnect" button

Step 04 : Press the "Connect" button

Step 05 : Choose "MetaMask"

Step 06 : After MetaMask is launched, click the "Connect" button

Step 07 : When the connection is in progress, a white screen appears. press the back button

Step 08 : When you see the wallet address at the bottom of the screen, the Metamask linkage is complete.

Last modified 5mo ago