1. How long does it take to complete the purchase of NFT?

NFT purchases typically take as long as 1 block creation time of Ethereum, which takes approximately 15 seconds.

However, in the case of a public sale, the transaction will be crowded and the gas cost will increase, and if the gas cost of the Ethereum network is higher than the gas cost paid at the time of NFT purchase, the transaction will be delayed.

Therefore, the time it takes to complete the purchase varies greatly depending on the situation of the Ethereum network, so it is difficult to know exactly.

2. The NFT purchase is incomplete and the transaction is in Pending!

If the gas cost of the Ethereum network is higher than the gas cost paid at the time of NFT purchase, the transaction cannot be processed and is waiting to be processed in the Pending state.

Subsequently, when the gas cost of the Ethereum network is lowered, the transaction is completed and the NFT purchase is completed.

However, if the sale of NFT is terminated from the Pending state, it will be changed to the transactional Fail state and the NFT purchase will fail. The consumed gas fee will not be refunded at this time.

If you want to increase your NFT purchase probability when the transaction is in the Pending state, you can move to the Activity tab of the Metamask and then increase the gas ratio of the Pending transaction to speed up the transaction's processing.

3. Ethereum was paid for the purchase of NFT, but NFT was not purchased.

The currently developed contract will be paid by Ethereum when purchasing NFT, and NFT's minting and transmission will occur at the same time.

Therefore, there are few cases where only Ethereum payments are made, but if only Ethereum payments are made and NFT is not purchased, please copy the link of the transaction and contact the customer center for a refund of the quantity and gas costs of the paid Ethereum.

4. How do I check the NFT I purchased?

The purchased NFT can be checked by pressing the "Check Purchased NFT" button shown when the purchase is completed.

1) Check through OpenSea

If you connect the Meta Mask wallet that purchased the NFT to OpenSea and choose the Profile menu, you can see the NFT you purchased as an image.

OpenSea : https://www.opensea.io

2) Verify in Etherscan

The NFT purchased cannot be checked on the Metamask, and if you select the Account Option menu on the Metamask and press the "Account Navigator in Etherscan" menu, the Etherscan site of the Metamask wallet address will be opened.

If you choose the drop-down menu on the site's "Token:" menu, you can find the NFT purchased on the ERC-721 Tokens or ERC-1511 Tokens menu.

At this time, the NFT image is not visible, and only a few NFTs can be checked.

5. Up to how many can I buy?

There is no limit on the maximum number of purchasers for one wallet on the public sale date, and there is a limit on the maximum number of purchasers for one purchase.

In order to prevent the purchase of bots, we have limited the number of available purchases, and we will not allow you to purchase NFT in any other fraudulent way

6. I purchased NFT, but NFT has not yet arrived, can I make an additional purchase?

Additional purchases are possible without the NFT purchase transaction being completed.

7. I made a purchase, but NFT has not yet arrived, can I cancel the purchase?

If the NFT purchase transaction has not been completed and the NFT has not yet entered your wallet, you can try to cancel the purchase. (not 100% canceled)

If you purchased NFT using a metamask, you can go to the Activity tab of the metamask, select the transaction you are Pending to create a purchase cancelation transaction, and then attempt to cancel the purchase, but only gas will be consumed if the purchase fails.

However, if the NFT purchase transaction was completed before the purchase reversal transaction was completed, the purchase reversal transaction will fail due to the nature of the blockchain and the purchase will be confirmed. The gas fee will not be refunded.

8. I applied for purchase of 10, but only 2 were purchased

If there are only 2 available NFTs left, even if you request to purchase 10 NFTs, only 2 will be purchased.

It appears that MetaMask is charging the price of 10 NFTs, but in reality only 2 prices are being paid.

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