Token Economy

Liquidity Supply

Reward Pool, Liquid Pool, and Swap Pool are operated to smoothly supply MTCC to the Metacode platform ecosystem.
  • Reward Pool: Coins are distributed as community-centered compensation and BWBC staking compensation for initial liquidity supply, and some of the MTCCs recovered through wallet fees are re-filled to support ecosystem circulation.
  • Liquidity Pool: It supports a fluid pool so that MTCC can be smoothly exchanged with coins such as ETH through decentralized uniswaps.

Coin Distribution

For the initial liquidity supply of MTCC, various forms of compensation are paid to members participating in the ecosystem.
  • Community Rewards: MTCC is paid as a reward, mainly for members who helped form the initial community.
  • NFT Stacking Reward: MTCC will be paid as a Stacking Compensation from BWBC.
  • Yield Farming Reward: Participating in the liquidity pool of the MTCC will receive MTCC as a reward.
  • Marketing Event: MTCC is paid as a reward through participation in SNS events such as Telegram and Facebook.

Coin Use

The MTCC received as a reward can be used in various forms, including wallet fees, NFT upgrade fees, and purchase of goods.
  • Wallet Fee: It is used as a fee for coin transfer in the wallet. NFT Purchase: When you purchase NFT, you can purchase it with MTCC.
  • NFT Upgrade Fee: It is used as a fee when Stacking rewards are increased through NFT upgrades.
  • Joina Whitelist: Used as a Whitelist participation fee for NFT Mining, a partner company of the Metacode platform.
  • Goods Purchase: Goods from MTCC or BWBC are available.

Ecosystem Cycle

The MTCC recovered as a Metacode platform is used in the following form.
  • Reward Pool: Some of the recovered MTCCs are moved to Reward Pool for ecosystem circulation and then the scale of the rewards is adjusted.
  • Revenge: Recognizes part of the recovered MTCC as the company's revenue and accounts for it.
  • Burn: Some of the recovered MTCCs will be incinerated to reduce total circulation and increase the value of the coins.