The Beautiful Whale Beach Club (BWBC) is a emerging richer's community who want to become a whale in the metaverse world.
BWBC is a Dynamic NFT consisting of whale character images and will expand into the character IP business in the Web3.0-based metaverse world.
In addition, through invitational lectures by industry experts and evaluation of blockchain projects through collective intelligence in the community, we will discover and retain valuable NFTs to provide various opportunities for holders to grow into whales.
10,000 BWBCs will be issued to members of the Metacode platform that has been in service since 2018, and NFT holders can receive Metacode Platform Coin (MTCC), which is used as a fee for the Metacode platform, as NFT staking compensation.
The Metacode platform will offer a variety of benefits to community participants, along with the growth of partners and the growth of the BWBC community.

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