03. Metamask and Metacode Connections

STEP 1: Connect metacode to receive staking rewards

STEP 2: Proceed with authentication to connect the Metamask wallet and Metacode

STEP 3 : If metacode is not connected, please check the following

  • "The wallet signature information is invalid." : Occurs when Cancel is pressed in the authentication process of STEP 2.

  • "Metacode information is invalid." : Please make sure the metacode is correct

  • "You must complete the email verification of MetaWallet." : Occurs when the email is not verified in the metacode wallet. Please proceed with email verification.

  • "You need to complete face authentication in MetaWallet." : Occurs when face authentication has not been performed in the metacode wallet. After completing face authentication, connect the meta code.

  • "Metacode could not be registered." : In case an error occurred for an unknown reason. Please send the Metamask wallet address and metacode you want to connect to support@metacode.net.

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