The Metacode platform maintains and extends the ecosystem with advisors, investors, mainnets, exchanges, and a variety of projects.


Biyard is an advisory firm that provides advisory services on blockchain-related businesses and investments, including Metaverse and NFT. We are consulting and investing in 30 global companies and projects such as Kakao Entertainment, YG Plus, and LG U+.


"Denations" is a metaverse project that allows you to trade NFT countries, cities, and civilizations and earn NFT and cryptocurrency revenue through direct operations within the virtual world. A Decentralized Virtual Earth created based on actual data from 193 countries registered with the UN in 2019. At Denations Metaverse, the owners of Citizen, Nation, and Land can use economic activities to govern, develop, and expand their territory.

SMATh World

"SMATh Word" is a metaverse project consisting of NFT characters such as Nomadape, PRD_X, Blair, and i.O. based on the worldview of artificial intelligence characters developed in human form.


Golden Knights: Metaverse is a project that has expanded to a "Play to Earn platform that connects games and the real world" by incorporating blockchain-based decentralized coins into the "automated dungeon hunting system," which is Golden Knight's biggest feature.

Puzzle Fantasy

Puzzle Fantasy is a puzzle RPG-genre P2E game in which if you rearrange puzzle pieces and collect three or more pieces and burst them, the scores accumulated when the pieces burst will be replaced by damage.