To create a MetaCode
A MetaCode is a code that links services such as Metaverse, Games, DeFi, and Apps with cryptocurrency wallet.
You can receive coins in a cryptocurrency wallet using a MetaCode without using a complex blockchain wallet address
  • Get coin airdrop
  • Get staking interest
  • Withdraw coins from Metaverse
  • Withdraw coins from Game
Only one MetaCode is issued per person through the face recognition function of the wallet.

  • To generate MetaCode, please install MetaCode wallet.
You can install the wallet using the download link below.
🌐 Google Play Store​
🌐 Apple AppStore​
🌐 APK Download​

  • Click "Create MetaCode" at the top of the screen
  • Generate the desired MetaCode. "meta_" is automatically entered.

In order to activate functions such as airdrop receive, coin receive, etc. of the MetaCode, the following three certifications must be completed.
  • Face authentication : It takes about 10 minutes for the certification to take place, and one MetaCode is issued per person.
  • Email Authentication : It is automatically authenticated when using Google login or Apple login.
  • Set password : Set a four-digit password.
When the three certifications are complete, the airdropped coins are immediately send to your wallet.
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